March 1, 2011


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Whitney’s puppies are almost 8 weeks old (on Friday) and are really quite delightful.  All of them are playful and affectionate.  I am extremely pleased with this litter overall and I believe it to be the best litter I’ve ever had. I shall be running on three of them, one dog and two bitches.

Whitney herself has only today started growling at the puppies when they try to suckle. She is heavier now than when she did not have puppies. She eats incredibly well.  Over a kilo per day of whole minced chicken with a little bit of vegetable.

Winston and Waldo are both delightful boys and they are 16 weeks old now.  Although both puppies are well made Winston is much more my cup of tea and Waldo is still looking for a home.

My showing days start again next month with a breed club championship show.  From July onwards I will have to decide which dogs to take to which shows because they will all be eligible.

I am looking forward to getting back into the thick of it although I am concerned about how I am going to manage as my disease has progressed somewhat in the last few months.  Hopefully, this is just because it has been winter and particularly cold and also because I had the flu nearly 8 weeks ago.Time will tell.


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